Uni, being a total mess, and Fine Art

I’m seriously considering redoing my third and maybe my second semester. While I was in the process of realizing that I was trans, I had a period of about three months where I was badly depressed and had some pretty terrible social anxiety. I was too scared to go into uni, would start to get panic attacks when I was in town, and sometimes I would wait for a good few hours for the landlady to leave the kitchen so I could go down and get a drink or something to eat.

Now the final exhibition is in, like, 10 days. Ten days. I can’t think about art… I’ve hardly done any work. All I can think about is transitioning and that I need to call up the GP and get a referral or something, and walking through Boots looking at the makeup, and looking at pictures of the dresses on draculaclothing.com. 

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